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For many people, patios are the place to chat and spend time, but now it is time to realize its uses and importance. For centuries, terraces and garden kiosks have been a symbol of luxury and aristocracy.

Even today, people love to add such structures to their property to get a feel of luxury. However, apart from just being a symbol, this is also a place of great use. It can be a fabulous place of cooking, dining, socializing, relaxing, playing, and more.

For every activity to accommodate, the design and style of the patio will vary. If you have a spacious backyard, you can think of erecting garden pergolas or patios to enjoy a fantastic time with your family and friends.

Al Fresco

That is a perfect idea for those who enjoy dining al fresco. There is nothing as pleasing as eating outside in open air with family and friends.

You can double your enjoyment by erecting a patio for the purpose. The patios design for this purpose is a bit different from those used commonly.

For instance, they are more significant to accommodate a dining table and chairs. In general, 12’/12′ is the least required space, though it depends on how big is your dining table.

This structure was built near the outside kitchen or near the back door of the house. So that when serving food to the table, tastier and relaxed.

Living Room

This type of patios design is getting incredibly popular these days. It is very much similar to the idea of setting up a living room in the free space of your backyard and a fantastic way of relaxing with family and friends.

The specialty of this type of structure is that they feature fireplace or fire pit along highly cushioned deep-seating furniture.

These shade structures are as large as 16’/18′, though size depends on your choice, yes you need to leave extra space for free mobility.

Those who are lucky to have a big space and that too adjacent to the garden area can try out this idea. It will inject life into the way you used to interact with your guest.


Bistro patio design is more like garden pergolas than a patio because these are small size patios built anywhere in the backyard. The structure can accommodate a small table and fewer chairs, a perfect spot for enjoying breakfast.

They are well decorated with wall fountains as the feature doesn’t consume much space and make a good attraction.

For this design, 6 feet by 6 feet space is enough. If you have a small garden and want to have a fabulous place to enjoy mornings and evenings, this can be a great solution.


This patio design meant for swimming pools and vista points. The size of the patio is very similar to bistro, but the difference lies in their application.

The sundeck designed and is suitable for maximum comfort in the open air.

It accommodates a small table and chairs, but lounges made cushiony and comfortable. Typically, chaise lounge measures 2 feet by 6 feet, therefore keep the size in mind.

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, sundeck can be a fantastic idea to add interest to it.

When there are so many options of adding luxury to your living style and if you have backyard space left idle, then why not give it a thought.

Choose any style you want to see in your backyard and start preparing for it.

While choosing a patio builder, make sure you find the best in the market, because this is not just about erecting a patio but also about designing them and give it a look that makes your investment worth.


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